Book Reviews & Essays

  • “In Search of Truth and Love” a review of Dan Leach’s Dead Mediums in Reckon Review coming in 2023
  • “A Review of The Ballad of Cherrystoke and Other Stories by Melanie McGee Bianchi” in Southern Literary Review, March 2023
  • “The Bard of Athens” a review of Stephen Corey’s As My Age Then Was, So I Understand Them: New and Selected Poems 1981-2020 in the James Dickey Review, 2022
  • “Gould Climbs Out of the Saddle” a review of Scott Gould’s The Hammerhead Chronicles in Reckon Review, November 2022
  • “A Review of Stories from the Attic by William Gay” in Southern Literary Review, August 2022
  • “The Rise and Fall of Man in Southwestern Virginia” a review of Edison Jennings’s Intentional Fallacies in the James Dickey Review, 2021
  • “Everything but the Oink” in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, 2020